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Hey Folks! My name is Jordan Paiva! My entire life I have always been know as "The Entertainer." I have fallen in love with making people laugh and in general making them feel good about themselves. Growing up I was always involved in going to concerts and the theatre! In High School I did all four of my High School Musicals! I was always such a theatrical kinda guy! In 2007 I wanted to find a way I could take all this energy and spread it into positivity and give it to the world! Becoming a DJ was NOT what I had in mind, In fact what i had in mind was to interact with people and get them off of their feet, make them laugh, and make them smile! My dream is still coming true everyday! I have always had a passion for singing such beautiful classical inspirational music! My favorite singer is Josh Groban, his inspirational music truly moves the soul and him and I are extremely alike when it comes to personality! You can say he is my long lost brother! I was always a little nervous to take my energy and share it with the world. In 2010, I lost my grandmother, she was the true backbone of my entire life! From the day she died I truly believed in the saying "Life is Too Short." I recorded my first studio album with a Grammy Award winner, it was dedicated to her! A year later my dream came true when I had the opportunity to sing with Josh Groban LIVE on stage in front of thousands of people! My voice was heard...My story began! A few years later in 2013 one of the songs on my first Album was Nominated for the International Portuguese Music Awards! Being Portuguese it was such and honor, and on top of the nomination I WON the award for best classical music! I have been entertaining now and taking my ideas of entertainment to world for OVER 15 Years Now! My passion for entertaining and doing good for people led me to the love of my life Kayla! She fell in love with my sense of humor and the passion of good that I could bring to this world! From there we brought our son Liam to the world and plan to teach him the same values we were brought up and children! To Love & To Give Love that is my message to the world! Be yourself, be kind to one another, and on top of everything, follow your dreams because the can and will come true! 
~Jordan Edward Paiva~